Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'm going through a difficult time, a rite of passage which turns out to be like crossing a deep river without a bridge, or a raft.  All I can do is paddle to the other side and try to keep my head above water.  These blogs are my witness to the trials and tribulations of getting older, finding life is sweet while time is starting to run short.  It is about what it is like to find yourself only to watch as others find you fading into the woodwork.  It is the story of middle-age with a starting point and a nebulous end point.  As Norman Thayer said "...people don't live to be 150!"

This is a personal story of wondering at the conundrums and ironies of being single, being a mother to grown children who have no idea who I am and being a grandmother to grandchildren who fully understand me.  It is mirth born of frustration and asking myself seriously what the future does or does not hold.  It is the tale of my laziness or perhaps merely my streamlining my life.  It is the way my daily adventures make me tilt my head in dismay over an unspoken command the way a confused dog does.  It is frank, it is honest and occasionally peppered with a "colorful expletives."  It is my twisted, complicated emotional life and a lot of self-examination.  This is the chapter after the mommy blogs have come to a close, that life without Cheerios in odd household crevices, backpacks tossed on the floor and shoes everywhere.  This is the joy of the empty nest.

This is me and probably a lot of what you are going through too.  It will be different, but it won't be boring.  Come, laugh with me laughing at myself and tell me how you feel about all of these things, I'm interested!  Over time, if you like this blog, please invite your friends, the more the merrier.